Makers Matter: Handmade Health Tech

In the world of makers and their traditions of mastery, there is always an underlying sadness that comes from feeling that the traditions may be lost. Mostly a result of the tradition no longer being a viable means to making a good living. As such, the younger generations find other livelihoods.

Fortunately for us many still make efforts to pass on their traditions, even if only to a handful of youngsters that continue to master the skills. Being a maker takes passion, resourcefulness and the tenacity to forge ahead. 

Amidst this struggle are other challenges that come from a lack of support or interest in the created product, hence people lose the connection to the maker world. Most people mistakenly believe that things are now only machine-made or mass produced with little skill. 

Then comes along something that makes you realize how important these long lasting trades can be. A resurgence takes place in their use and function and transforms the skill into something that you would never imagine would be possible, like saving lives.

Fortunately for kids born with a hole in the heart, weaving is now a health-science craft. In Bolivia, women weavers and their meticulous, fine motor skills are now being employed to make a life saving device for heart surgery. Their knowledge and skills are now employed to save children’s lives. Makers do Matter and more than we imagine.


Health-science brilliantly employs the master skills of weavers from Bolivia. 


At we hold true to the idea that skills have a life for a reason and this video just goes to show that we should dare to dream. These traditions and many others may serve greater purposes than we ever imagined. Join us by supporting conscious commerce that is trying to do more than just sell products. seeks to conserve and/or revive handmade traditions from around the world by supporting the sale of master-crafted, high-quality products. For our customers, we are proud to bring you access to exceptional craftsmanship, so you may enjoy long-lasting, well-made goods. Hand-in-hand we contribute to healthily sustaining maker communities. TheMakerWorld pays makers competently for their hard work and also funds, with 10% of their sales revenue, maker communities for their ecosystem’s revival, growth and maintenance.


Everything happens at a natural pace. Choose conscious, paced e-commerce


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