A Different Kind of E-Commerce

The Roundtable

The Maker, The Marketer and The Buyer

Just as the Maker faces inordinate challenges in being disconnected from global online trade, several barriers to entry, and limits in cashflow and production capacity, TheMakerWorld.com and Marketers like us, also face challenges in competing with long established e-commerce expectations of speedy, 2-day deliveries, unsustainable prices, and endless stock of product. Sadly, Buyers, aware or not, are also losing out. They spend on many poor quality things whose actual value is not even worth the return shipping and they remain without access to truly exceptional products, handmade by Skilled Makers throughout the world. Little by little they spend more on poorly made products instead of saving and pacing themselves for a product worth owning, with greater function that may even last a lifetime.

Though we are aware of the steep human and environmental cost of our current practices, we remain optimistic. This Roundtable of Life and Trade has enough aware and compassionate hearts to work on sustainable solutions for more people to have opportunities to live well and enjoy fulfilling lives. 

A Potential Solution

We'd like to present a different kind of e-commerce that works to understand and convey the small maker's challenges, opens up access for makers and buyers to engage and trade with one another and potentially establishes a more sustainable model of trade. To achieve this, we need your help, your cooperation and most of all your understanding of the different process of working with both small makers and impact marketplaces, like TheMakerWorld.com. Welcome to,


Like a heart's pacemaker, Paced-E-Commerce aims to set a sustainable pace for each of our endeavors; one that allows each of us to strive for genuine quality of life. 

  • Makers set their own pace to grow organically. They will focus on what they know best, meticulous craftsmanship. They will aim to establish consistent sales through access to new markets, earn an adequate living, raise their families, strengthen their communities and pass on their knowledge and mastery to future generations.
  • Marketers appropriately pace their earnings so they may allow for competently paying Makers for their goods, contribute to Maker community conservation and revival, run a successful and mindful business, and continue to seek out exceptional quality products from the most skilled makers in the world.
  • Buyers will pace shopping impulses. They will strive to hold out for excellent, lasting, well-made, products. As they connect with Makers and understand the complexities and hard work that go into making and selling quality products, they will mostly partake in sustainable trade practices that lead to enduring impact. They will value the products they use, appreciate the whole process and become pace-setters in a new tradition of shopping that marries old buying practices with innovative, soulful commerce. 

You will not be disappointed with your products; they're completely worth the wait.

Understanding The Maker's Challenges 

Our makers are small entrepreneurs with very specific barriers to growth and sales. They are incredibly skilled, hardworking, creative and passionate about what they do. They still manage to sustain themselves in business despite cheap alternatives, product dumping, fast production and mass retailers. They put food on the table, live their lives, raise their children, employ others and have even taught others their crafts. If they were not exceptional, they would not have survived. They have often turned away medium to large retailers, because they have strict contracts and production timelines, large capacity expectations, restocking and delivery demands and typically also ask for volume discounts (which is difficult to calculate upfront and more often than not, result in a loss for the maker).

Add to this, the fact that these retailers do not sufficiently invest (or risk) in upfront capital to allow for the Maker to sustain a large production run. No doubt, it's exciting for makers to receive such tribute for their craft, but most of these large orders, remain unfulfilled because of the barriers present to immediate growth. 

Makers would have to invest in machinery, training, raw materials, and much more to guarantee a production stock and inventory. As you might imagine, it is also a huge risk to increase production for one order without sufficient upfront-funds from the retailer, impossible with no access to loans or working capital or collateral, and also without the certitude that the retailer will finalize the sale or even order again. Quality may also be compromised by quick growth and many costly mistakes can occur by speedy production runs.  

Since many small to medium makers do not have consistent sales, they often have to work with contract labor. In other words, they have to seek out specialized laborers as needed and they are not always readily available. In addition, they may have production space, machinery and tool limits that force them to keep a specific production capacity. 

Moreover they have supply chain challenges. Since they often cannot afford to buy large quantities of components such as raw materials (like leather in the right quality and color), zippers, waxed thread, or hardware, they wait to get better prices when these suppliers inform them that they are going to be making voluminous orders for a large retailer. What this means is that they don't always get what they want, when they want it, but settle to get what they can afford. And they still manage to work magic!

Lastly, they struggle to access new markets. Although they often have to learn how to sell their products, they often cannot do everything well. If they have technology access and knowhow, they still face cashflow issues that do not allow them to employ sales and internet gurus to bring their brands to market. They spend their year going from trade show to trade show or door to door. They often end up white-labeling their products for other brands as they don't have time or means develop the skills to market their brand. 

So the makers are great, their products top-quality, but their production capacity is pending the maker's liquidity, staffing limits, and access to the raw material. It's not that they would be completely opposed to expanding, training others and figuring out the process, but they would need to do in a manner that suits their means or be fortunate enough to find an investor willing to not only give in money, but venture along in the undertaking. One-time funding is not always the answer.

As a result of these challenges, many great makers stay small. And this may not be so bad, if that is a choice they make. Resoundingly, Skilled Makers' greatest need is establishing:

Consistent Sales

A way to make their craft a viable means to earning a living now and possibly for generations to come. They deserve opportunities that we can help create. They do not need handouts. They need sales, patient buyers and conscious marketplaces that can work with their pace; hence the concept of, Paced-E-Commerce.

Setting Expectations

We cannot be certain our goal of Paced-E-Commerce will work, but we are giving it one hundred percent. We are going to be patient, pivot as needed, listen and learn from our Makers and our Customers. We welcome your suggestions at any time.  Anything that moves the pendulum to conserving exceptional craftsmanship and mastery by making it a viable source of income, is worth a good try.

Your Patience is Integral to Achieve Impact and Change

"Delivery within 30-days" is also necessary for the process of paced, organic growth. We hope you understand and give us a chance to fulfill your shopping needs. 

The product you purchased is being handmade, with quality materials, care, and love, just for you. Several hands are working together to bring about a finished product you will truly cherish, use, love for years to come. We realize your delivery time is greater than most other sales outlets you order from, but The Maker World is asking your patience and understanding in our aim to downgrade the "instant gratification" culture that has been sadly and strongly contributing to the loss of many vintage maker traditions, handmade goods and the true appreciation of products we own.

How do we make Paced-E-Commerce tolerable?

Schedule a Real-Time Video Session with Your Product's Maker

You may virtually travel with us to the Maker's Den (via realtime video). Enjoy a birds-eye view to the maker-world. You will observe part of the process, the hard work that goes into the craftsmanship, the passion behind the hands of the maker laboring to create your beautiful product. An experience you will value forever and one that will remind you of your contribution to the sustainability of another human being. 

To schedule this session, please write a us an email at info@themakerworld.com

You may otherwise enjoy the featured maker information and images of their Maker Dens on The Makers and Sustainability Projects page.

Complimentary "IOU" Card

We are very grateful that you have chosen to give your loved one or your best client a valuable gift. We also, appreciate your support of a different kind of e-commerce and that you have chosen to honor an exceptional maker tradition.

We realize gifts are something we wish to be delivered in timely manner. We wish we could decrease our 30-day delivery for such occasions, but instead we offer you an alternative to "going empty-handed to the party" and a way to rally support for sustainable e-commerce. 

A Complimentary IOU Gift Card

Please notify us by email if you'd like this card. We will mail the card to you within 24-hours of your purchase so that you may write your personal message and then present it to your loved one during their special occasion. It will be shipped to you first class mail, to arrive within 3-5 business days. The card will invite the gift recipient to schedule a video-session to observe their maker working at his/her craft.  You may choose from one of the two styles below. One is an all-occasion card and the other a holiday card. Each has a short message inviting the gift recipient to schedule a video-session with us to experience their Maker's Den and watch their gift, or one similar to it, being hand-crafted. The card also has plenty of room for you to add a hand-written message.

All-Occassion Card

Holiday Season Card

To set up a live video-feed experience with your maker or request an IOU card, please send us an email at info@themakerworld.com.

On behalf of our makers, we thank you for your support, contribution, and patience.

Thank you for spreading the word!