About us

The Maker World

Our company is a for-profit, conscious e-commerce brand that seeks to adequately pay makers for their hard work and supports maker and artisan communities for their ecosystem’s maintenance and preservation. Providing a consistent and conscious sales channel for makers is essential to their conservation and survival for years to come.

We focus on bringing you exceptional quality, handmade products from makers around the world. We directly seek out talented artisans to showcase their collections and bring about more equitable sharing of wealth and prosperity. Each product sold at themakerworld.com is tied to advancing the sustainability of makers and improving the working and living conditions of the skilled workers who hand make amazing products. We are strongly committed to:

  • "Living Wage" payment to Skilled Makers for their hard work
  • Contributing to small maker and artisan communities to preserve and revive the sustainability of long-standing traditions of mastery, artisanship and craftsmanship
  • Providing our valued customers access to exclusive, top-quality, handmade goods that they can enjoy
We believe in promoting sustainable approaches to making, selling and buying through:
  • Patient and Conscious E-Commerce Practices
  • Top-quality Products
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Satisfaction Guarantee (30-day Money Back)

Our Mission

Our endeavor is to create real value for our customers and the people who make these products. Through our products we aim to connect the hearts and hands behind our collections with clients who appreciate the maker's process and cherish their products.  We want to value the maker's survival challenges, their creativity, abilities, and innate passion as well as their need to appropriately sustain themselves, their families and communities (in the present and with a long term vision for the future).

The Maker World ensures producers and suppliers are compensated adequately for their products. Our hope is to confront the maker's financial fears by facilitating consistent sales, honoring and paying the maker's set prices, tackling poverty and hopelessness, and sharing prosperity with some of the most hardworking, under-compensated and least financially solvent peoples of the world:

Join Us

We are constantly seeking out and working with individuals and teams of product makers to create an amazing network and collection of products. Our handmade products will include, but are not limited to home goods, accessories, woven goods, handbags, tools, jewelry, etc.

We also reach out to like-minded, fair-trade organizations to learn from them. Our underlying purpose is the social and professional development of women, youth and all who form part of the making process. You're welcome to join our email list to receive progress updates, newsletters, or to simply contribute to our cause with thoughts, maker contacts/referrals or other contributions.

Thank you for your genuine support of shared prosperity and the advancement of sustainable living and working conditions.