Loving Your Leather

Our fabulous handbags are made especially for you. Your purchase is a testament that honors leather-making traditions and a contributes to ensuring their endurance from generation to generation. Sourced from responsible tanneries, our full grain leather products are made in an artisanal, time-honored, leather-work tradition. Herein we share some ways to love and better understand your leather.

Full-Grain Leather

Being the highest quality leather in the market, it conserves naturally-occurring marks, scrapes and scars as insignias of nature, not defects.

Most Important Care

  • Use it often! Full-grain leather ages gracefully, becoming softer and suppler with use and time.
  • If you are looking for a patina finish or a weathered look, as most leather-lovers cherish, you will need to use it often and care for it diligently.
  • The patina, or soft sheen that develops overtime is a sign of your character, the adventures you've taken, the personality you live. Don't be afraid of it, relish it! Leather lovers get that leather ages, it tells your story, it lives with you. Every hue, spot, wrinkle scrape, or scuff is a hallmark unique to you. 
  • Being a natural material, it absorbs your life, your clothing, your natural body oils, the sun, the heat, the rain capturing all as an emblem of the life you live and enjoy.
  • A patina, or aging process, does not affect the life of your leather product. Aging is life, it is natural; function and sturdiness of leather products are not compromised.
  • This lived-look is something many handbag makers want to achieve prior to selling it to you or even with synthetic, faux leather, but you know what, it doesn't work.

Free Your Leather

Use it, Enjoy it, Appreciate it, Live it!

    Basic Outer Care

    • Briskly wipe your handbag with a clean, soft, dry cloth every week
    • Occasionally use a slightly wet, soft cloth and wipe it dry (use only water)
    • You may use Collonil Leather Gel or Chamberlain's Leather Milk to moisturize your handbag about once per month. These products will maintain your leather beautifully conditioned, but may delay the development of the natural patina.
    • Do not apply any moisturizer directly on the exterior hand-stencilled artwork. use a slightly damp cloth and wipe it dry (using only water).

    Basic Inner Care

    • Brush the inside clean with a soft bristle, baby's hairbrush


    • Insert into a breathable dustbag and air it out every few weeks
    • Always store in a dry, airy space. Do not store in compact, hot spaces.

    Other Care

    • Full-grain leather safely absorbs rain water; let it dry naturally in a shady place (avoid direct sunlight)
    • It will stain, discolor, or damage with harsh chemicals, acids, oils, alcohol, ink, salt water, colored drinks, food coloring and other foods.
    • Please do not overstuff your handbag on a daily basis; Consistently carrying over 12 pounds of weight in your totes, for example, may likely reduce its life and may also cause you discomfort and pain. Be cautious for your own health's sake and remember to clean out your handbag of items you haven't used in over a couple of months. 
    • Care for your handbag as you would your own skin. Remember that like our own lives, leather absorbs the life it leads. Let your product's journey build its own character! Embrace its weathered look, its patina, its well earned wrinkles...

    Love your leather and the adventures it takes with you!