What does "Maker" stand for in your name?

Makers are those amazingly skilled people who create magic with their hands. Since time immemorial, Makers have sought to find solutions to our everyday lives. They were the original technologists; making products by hand to help us cook, clean, decorate our homes, keep warm, keep cool, cut our hair, operate our teeth or bodies, carry our personal belongings, walk comfortably, and much more.

They are the ones that have creatively found utilitarian solutions through mastering skills and passing them down generation to generation. These are the trades and peoples we are honoring. Those that know how to skillfully handcraft a leather handbag, a surgical instrument, a knife, a tool, a ceramic cooking pot, furniture, shawls, jewelry, and much more.

Many of these makers have been thought to be a "thing of the past", but actually they are still here. They are integral to many global communities and remain irreplaceable by machine-made or mass produced goods.

But the outliers among makers, have kept their mastery, despite struggling poor payment for their hard work, direct access to global trade, and cheap, mass produced product dumping in their markets. They have adjusted their living conditions, becoming accustomed to limited means to keep their trade a viable means of making a living. And the youngsters they wish to teach their mastery, can't imagine working on the same craft, with the limited sales and earning potential.

TheMakerWorld.com along with your support, aims to inject hope through a conscious sales channel for them to develop their craft as a means to make a good living through consistent sales, raise and educate their children, and strengthen their communities.

They are all artisans in their own right, but the word "Makers" encompasses a more comprehensive variety of goods.

By purchasing their goods, you are contributing to sustainably conserving and reviving Maker ecosystems and communities of peoples that can live well from the sale of what their hands create, with dignity for themselves, their families, and the people they employ. Replace charitable giving by contributing to conscious, patient e-commerce: a long-term, sustainable solution to income disparity!

Why a beta launch?

TheMakerWorld.com has been developing its current marketplace for over a year. We have been hard at work developing maker connections, product selections, and exclusive collections. We have also been marketing and networking our conscious e-commerce business through local interactions in our Austin Startup community and with friends and family on social media.

Many people have rallied to our support and compelled us to "open-the-doors" to our website, kinks and all. As such, we are launching with one maker's products: beautiful, functional, full-grain leather handbags and laptop sleeves. We have two other maker products in development and will be coming soon.

As such, we have launched in beta, to test our site and ask for your support in reporting any kinks or improvements we can make. We appreciate and are happy to hear from you, good or bad, before we officially launch.

Thank you for your patience and support as we create and develop a thriving conscious e-commerce business that aims to honor makers, pay them well, conserve and revive their craftsmanship, and most importantly, with your support and purchases, create sustainable solutions to poverty, income disparity, and artisan/maker communities.

Why the 30-day delivery?

The Maker World is committed to a different kind of e-commerce and to the development of "Patience-Gratification" over "Instant Gratification". 

As such, we work with makers that have limited production/making capacities. To avoid investing in inventories that may or may not sell out, adding enormously to a heavy carbon footprint by making products to store, maintain in air-conditioned rooms, and ship overseas prematurely, we have agreed to have them make their goods upon order. 

The advantage of this is that you will adapt to a slow-commerce model that is more sustainable, environmentally sound and also allows for the healthy growth of the maker's business. In addition, you will learn to reconnect with your product's maker, valuing your purchase that much more. Hence a gratification that comes from the patience of awaiting a product being made especially for you. Patience-Gratification instead of the current Instant/Short-Lived gratification. For more details, check our Makers Matter Commitment page.

Can I place a custom order?

For the moment we do not have the means to fulfill custom orders. While we establish a working model with our makers, adding custom adjustments to each of our products may be detrimental to building consistent sales, which is one of our Makers' greatest needs. If you can imagine, makers, like us have monthly living expenses that must be met, but they typically do not have savings, and work month to month or trade show to trade show, but they suffer with the basic need: the minimum consistent sales to fulfill their expense. 

At this moment, you may request an adjustment to the length of a handbag strap to suit your height and/or possibly a color request. Recommendations are welcome anytime, but changes may not take place until such time as we fulfill our commitment to build a consistent sales channel for each maker's collection.

If I know a maker that might be interested in working with you, how can I refer him/her to you?

Growing our Master-Maker base is one of our primary goals. If you know of someone that hand-makes amazing, exceptional quality goods, please send us an email with their contact information and/or e-introduce us. You can also refer them to send us an image catalog or contact us to send a few samples of their work.  We may take a bit of time to connect with them, but we will be in touch either way.

What is Paced-E-Commerce?

Just as the Maker faces inordinate challenges in being disconnected from global online trade, several barriers to entry, and limits in cashflow and production capacity, TheMakerWorld.com and Marketers like us, also face challenges in competing with long established e-commerce expectations of speedy, 2-day deliveries, unsustainable prices, and endless stock of product. Sadly, Buyers, aware or not, are also losing out. They spend on many poor quality things whose actual value is not even worth the return shipping and they remain without access to truly exceptional products, handmade by Skilled Makers throughout the world. Little by little they spend more on poorly made products instead of saving and pacing themselves for a product worth owning, with greater function that may even last a lifetime.

Paced-E-Commerce is a potential solution. A different kind of e-commerce that aims to understand, work with and convey the small maker's challenges, open up more direct access for makers and buyers to engage each other, value one another's contribution and buy lasting, handmade, useful products. The Marketers's role (e.g themakerworld.com) is to competently pay Makers for their hard work, invest in the paced expansion of maker communities, seek out new master makers hidden under the radar and bring their products to e-commerce, establish a modern, consistent, customer friendly sales funnel and earn a competent living for the cofounders and staff.  

In essence to establish a more sustainable model of trade that asserts the autonomy and dignity of each stakeholder to strive for positive quality of life. For more details see our page "A Different Kind of E-commerce"