A Lifetime of Satisfaction

The Maker World is committed to giving you one hundred percent satisfaction, guaranteed. With this in mind we do our best to provide you with exceptional quality materials and craftsmanship for all the collections we feature. We do our best to implement quality control measures to avoid your dissatisfaction with any of our products. With that said, we aim to make pieces that last a natural life when adequately cared for and responsibly used

Exceptional Customer Service and Honest Resolutions

We aim to be leaders in quality, handmade goods made to conserve and revive sustainable maker-trades and skilled craftsmanship. If for some reason we fail in this endeavor, we'd like to know about. Improvement is always possible and your input is essential in this process.

Our guarantee is to do our best to make you happy and satisfied with your purchase and most importantly that as we enter into a relationship of trade wherein we promise to treat each other honestly, respectfully, transparently, and most importantly, to be fair with each other. 

We are, hence, always open to a discussion aiming to provide you great service and an honest, mutually satisfactory resolution. We commit to an open disclosure of any issues we find that might have been caused from either craftsmanship errors, material defects, and hardware quality or malfunction. We ask for an open disclosure of your use and care of the product. 

Lifetime Warranty

For manufacture failure, hardware malfunction or material flaws, we will first consider repair options and subsequently exchange it if repair is not possible. at no cost to you. Either of these may take an estimated 30-day turnaround. Shipping costs in this case will be on us.

An issue observed by us or disclosed by you to be a result of misuse, excessive wear and tear or extreme circumstances, beyond the sensibly-calculated product's lifespan, will incur a charge for repairs or if determined irreparable, a discount for a future product purchase. An estimate of repair costs or other resolution will be provided and agreed upon with you prior to undertaking a solution. Shipping costs will apply. 

Sensibly-Calculated Product Lifespan

An exact term of a product's lifespan is a challenge to determine because it depends on many factors. Factors such as the frequency of use, the reasonable use or misuse of the product and your compliance with our detailed care instructions are all taken into account when we determine a sensibly-calculated product lifespan. As such, the integrity of our word to maintain full disclosure of our own manufacturing details and a reciprocal commitment to disclose your use-patterns and other pertinent information will help us better determine the product's sensible lifespan and a just solution for your claim. We will always aim to be fair in finding a satisfactory solution.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Products must be in new condition to be honored as returnable for a full refund or exchange. Free return shipping is available, at your request. A refund will be processed once an item is observed for its condition and could take up to 15 days from the time the item is received. The time frame your credit card company takes to make the credit available to you again, after we process the refund, is not in our control.

An product exchange will take the normal 30-day delivery as it will be processed like a new purchase. As such a full refund will be processed for your prior purchase (again within 15 days of receipt) and a new transaction will be processed for the new product. 

Full-Grain Leather - What to Expect

As a product of nature (a "living" product), full-grain cowhide derives its character, strength, and beauty from the natural environment wherein cattle reside. As such, the naturally-occurring marks, scrapes and scars are insignias of nature, not defects.

The Maker World urges to review and follow in detail, our Loving Your Leather care instructions. Remember, like our own skin, leather absorbs the environment, use, and care we give it. It is hence, important to clean and moisturize leather in order to preserve or restore it. Overtime and with frequent use, full-grain leather develops a patina (a natural sheen) and a weathered look as well as shade and grain variations, which are byproducts of using natural materials. None of these factors, yield a weakness or pending malfunction, but they do express each hide's unique character, its surface variations and individual distinctions.