Makers Matter Commitment

The Challenge 

The Maker World is co-founded by two developing world natives, whose profound memories of their respective communities, shared a similitude in their experience with the world of makers, weavers, artisans and craftspeople; those who endeavor to make a living in the basic yet glorious form of product making, solving people's essential needs and creatively crafting handmade goods. Persons whose hands and making traditions have raised families, employed workers, sustained communities and significantly helped peoples and businesses worldwide to advance progress, build industries and live more comfortably. 

The co-founders have, sadly, come to realize that generation after generation, many of these amazing makers have been relegated to the lowest, poorest classes of society as they are pressured to sell their goods at inordinately low prices, while middlemen, distributors and marketers reap enormous benefits from makers' hardworking hands. It's not that the value of the sale is not worthy of gain, but a more conscious distribution of benefit is needed for more people to progress out of poverty, maintain their means of livelihood, and live well. Most importantly to sell well so that their labors remain a viable means of making a living. 

In addition to this challenge, many have also had to either make their craft a secondary income hobby or discontinue the craft altogether due to mass production, low-priced, poor quality, product dumping, and machine-made goods. Some have been forced to become employees of mass production manufacturers that pay them much lower than living wages, keep them working in sweatshop-style factories, and curtail or completely deny labor or living benefits (healthcare, sick leave, appropriate working hours, overtime pay, etc).

Conserving and Reviving Maker Traditions

These makers have skill and abilities, and may even do well reverting back to their traditions, but they face the fears of investment risk, their cash-flow limits to buy good quality materials to make a quality product, liquidity to keep a business afloat and of course, the toughest: the consistent sale of their products to maintain their households, let alone other workers necessary to bring finished products to market. 

As such, longstanding making traditions have been losing ground, but there are some tenacious makers who refuse to give up or give in. The Maker World seeks out these makers to bring their products to market in an equitable, honorable and respectful manner; removing many middlemen that often do not consciously believe in the long-term benefits of shared prosperity and equitable distribution of wealth. These makers often want to pass on their skill to the youth of their communities and that is something The Maker World envisions cultivating.

The Long-Term Vision

Fortunately, there are young peoples realizing that their livelihoods may depend on returning to their small towns/communities and their parents' making traditions. They have realized that service jobs and city jobs are not going to help them progress or make a truly better living, as they once thought. Big cities are tapped out of work that allows for improving living standards. Many developing and developed world countries are trying to provide a road to for skilled youth to make a good living from their cultural traditions and quality product-making; however, they are often met with difficulty during the sale of their products. This is where The Maker World would like to put forth real effort.

The Maker World, not only seeks to sell these amazing maker products, but also to contribute to maker communities with efforts to conserve and/or revive the sustainability of their traditions of mastery, artisanship, and craftsmanship. We will fund make projects through our sales. Ten percent of the sale price of each product will be automatically allocated to fund the sustainability projects our makers commit to bring about. These projects may include, training, apprenticing, tool purchases, workstations, or other forms of support for makers to adequately sustain themselves, their workers, and their families. You will find more information about this support on The Maker and Sustainability Projects page.

Your Cooperation and Contribution Are Appreciated

Conscious e-commerce gives conscious marketers and buyers an opportunity to advance change for the better and help conserve and revive maker traditions for generations to come.

Your contribution, by both purchasing these products and by spreading the word of our cause will help inject hope to these communities, but more than hope, to make a reality of the maker's wish to live well off their craft, skill, and mastery and also to pass it on to future generations. 

A Different Kind of E-commerce 

Just as the maker has their challenge, The Maker World also faces a long established e-commerce tradition of speedy, 2-day delivery and endless stock of product. In fact, these makers are small and have often had to turn away large retailers, because big box retailers do not have the patience to assist or wait for their slow growth nor do they invest enough to sustain a large production run. As you might imagine, it is a huge risk to increase production for one order without sufficient upfront-funds from the retailer and also without the certitude that they will finalize the sale or even order again. In other words, the makers are great, their products top-quality, but their production capacity is pending the maker's liquidity, their staffing limits, and their access to the raw material necessary to complete production by the set time-frame. Small makers also have their own supply chain struggles, meaning, they have to wait to source necessary raw materials or components necessary to make their orders (like leather in the right quality and color). They also struggle to purchase large, minimum quantities from other members in their supply chain; for example, zipper, waxed thread, or hardware makers. On occasion, they have to wait for other larger retailers to place orders in order to purchase a partial quantity of a necessary raw material. Since many small to medium makers do not have consistent sales, they often have to work with contract labor. In other words, they have to seek out specialized laborers as needed and some have to wait for them to become available. In addition, they may have production space, machinery and tool limits that force them to keep a specific production capacity. 

With this in mind, we have to implement a different kind of "conscious" e-commerce. One where we educate our clients to understand the maker's challenge and the slower production capacity so they become patient in understanding the delivery within 30-day runs. 

How do we make patient-commerce tolerable?

Schedule a Real-Time Video Session with Your Product's Maker

You may virtually travel with us to the Maker's Den (via live video-feed/realtime video). Enjoy a birds-eye view to the maker-world, where you will observe the process, the hard work, the craftsmanship, the passion and heart behind the hands of the maker that labors to create your beautiful product. An experience you will value forever and one that will remind you of your contribution to the sustainability of another human being. 

To schedule this session, please write a us an email at 

You may otherwise enjoy the featured maker information and images of their Maker Dens on The Makers and Sustainability Projects page.

Complimentary "IOU" Card

We realize you may want your gift delivered in timely manner. Although we can try to speed up the process, it may not be less than the 30-day window we give all our clients. We think, however, this is a perfect opportunity to share the mission of patient-commerce with your loved one. Help them realize the reality of where and how a product is made with honor, love, tradition and respect. They too will:

  • Partake in the conservation and revival of handmade, honorably compensated goods
  • Contribute to another person's livelihood
  • Learn to value the product, the hands and hearts of our makers
  • Replace the "instant-gratification" infatuation for "patience-gratification"

Please notify us if you'd like this card. We will mail the card to you within 24-hours of your purchase so that you may write your personal message and then present it to your loved one during their special occasion (it will be shipped to you first class mail, to arrive within 3-5 business days). The card will invite them to schedule a video-session to observe the maker of their product, working at his/her craft. 

Your Patience is Integral to Achieve Impact and Change

The product you purchased is being handmade, with quality materials, care, and love, just for you. Several hands are likely working together to bring about a finished product you will truly cherish, use, love for years to come. We realize your delivery time is greater than most other sales outlets you order from, but The Maker World is asking your patience and understanding in our aim to downgrade the "instant gratification" culture that has been sadly and strongly contributing to the loss of many vintage maker traditions, handmade goods and the true appreciation of products we own.

To set up a live feed experience with your maker or request an IOU card, please send us an email at

On behalf of our makers, we thank you for your support, contribution, and patience.

Thank you for spreading the word!