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Companion Pets Collection

Leather Handbag Charms / Keychains

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These handmade charms light up your heart, your handbags, and your keys. But more importantly you’re actively supporting Marisol Prada’s creative, productive, and sustainable workshop of mostly women who not only earn living wages, but work passionately and happily with their skilled hands to make amazing products for conscious buyers, like you.

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Conscious Charms

When orders are small, these charms not only fulfill our love of cute things but represent a conservation effort to upcycle typically “unusable” leather remnants, making each charm unique. When larger orders are placed, they are no longer produced by remnants; however, they produce less waste than the production of other larger leather products. 

These charms are accompanied by leather ties that serve many purposes. Like the charms, if the orders are small, they are often made from the leather remnants left from other leather goods produced in this shop, like handbags and belts. 

Marisol calls making these charms, “playtime.” In fact, she wanted my customers to join in the fun. She asked us to send you the hang-tie straps unattached with instructions for you to make your own adjustable wrap-knots. We opted-out for your convenience, but the thought was “classic” Marisol: a woman who’s a teacher at heart, with the power to draw-in anyone as willing participant in the making process.

No Two Charms Are Exactly Alike 

Each item we feature is skillfully and lovingly crafted by hand from exceptional makers. Leather varies slightly due to the nature of cowhide, the tanning/dying processes, the hand-painted nature of some of the hides and the human hand. Hence no two charms are exactly alike but very close to the one featured.

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Honoring “Small” Maker Impact

Small, but industrious, makers have an uncanny versatility, resourcefulness, and creativity to keep their makers well sustained despite tough times. They gain their clients’ trust and loyalty by being personal, open and authentic. And to top it off, their hand-labor and ethics dictate a holistic approach to preserving jobs, promoting good use of time and environmental consciousness. Thank you for making an impact!

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