Journey with us to "Maker Dens"; connect with the hearts that strive to earn a good living with their masterful hands. You may not realize it, but so many of the best, most useful products are still being handmade. From the hair dressing shears your hairdresser uses to give you a wonderful haircut, to the beautiful leather tote that only gets nicer every time you use it, or even your child's most cherished soccer ball, the one that may make his dreams a reality. That's right, it may seem odd that these things are still being handmade, but they are. They form part of traditions of Mastery that have been passed on from generation to generation, but remain hidden from the naked eye.

And the Makers, these master crafters, still work in small "Dens", employing a few people and though struggling to earn well, they charge ahead with their passions. They are creative, resourceful, attentive to detail. They wish for better lives for their employees, children and communities. Though, they are forced to compete with markets flooded with cheap, easily accessible but poorly-made alternatives, they have hope.

They, like us, are optimistic that people are returning to value good quality products and their makers, that marketers are more conscious about paying Makers competently, and that together we can form a circle of trade or commerce that sustainably shares prosperity and diminishes economic disparity, so everyone can live well.

Through our blogs, we share how creative and humble makers manage to make a living from their tradition and keep their mastery alive. Know what they wish to achieve, how they work, who they help...These are people we all want to know and with whom we want to share a few cups of coffee. 

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