The Makers and Sustainability Projects

Maker Commitment and Development

As we work to develop and evolve our maker relationships to bring you amazing collections, we will be featuring our makers, their stories, and their endeavors. Our core commitment is to supporting makers to earn a good living, work passionately and facilitating a means to consistent sales.

Our goal is always to pay them very justly for their work; we do not haggle with their proposed prices. They are given the respect they deserve for their hard work and their own determination of just/adequate pricing. We are in the business of sharing prosperity, not keeping makers destitute. We aim to help makers stop living for random sales. This will give them further hope to pursue their craft with passion, quality, dedication and most importantly continue to live off their hard work.

We have launched with Eduard M. Cano's handbags and you will be pleased to know that your support will directly help him continue to sustain himself, his employees, and his family through his passionate hands and skilled craft. In addition, we are working with him to advance support for a project that has long been his dream to fulfill: Mesa Taller (Table & Tools Workshops).

Eduard Martinez Cano

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Eduard evolved his craft from a long-established Colombian tradition of handmade leather goods. He's been working skillfully at leather artisanship for over 15 years; meticulously developing top-quality, handmade, and hand-stitched, full-grain leather works. He's passionate about his artistry, attentive to detail and is constantly improving his talent and skills as well as passing them on to others.

His success represents a beacon of hope for many maker-traditions in Colombia. He supports leather-making apprentices and all artisans who labor with passion and dedication, aspiring to make a good living, raise their children and strengthen their communities.


Mesa Taller (Table and Tools, Put to Use)

With Eduard's product line, we are committed to a project he has been establishing within his craft and the youth from a small town with a longstanding tradition of leather-work: Jericó, Colombia. He plans on apprenticing, directing, training two people per year. In his resolve to do so, he needs to equip these apprentices with what he calls a Mesa Taller. Essentially it's a workstation, tools and equipment so they may learn and earn from the leather product-making craft. 

The Maker World is committed to help him further this project as it is essential to the present survival and sustenance of these small makers. Through your purchase, you will contribute significantly, as 10% of the final sale price will go to fund this project. On this page, we will provide updates of how the fund is growing, who has received the fund, and we'll show you how your purchase is helping share prosperity and contribute to self-sustainable, micro-enterprises in the developing world. 


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Marisol is what in Colombian Spanish is known as a Berraca. Someone with a unique combination of talent and courage, who simply floors you with her gumption and drive. She’s worked in the Colombian leather industry for over 24 years and owns a small, yet productive workshop. Marisol is a designer and crafter of leather handbags, travel bags, accessories, shoes, belts and much more. She’s extraordinarily creative, resourceful and develops one-of-a-kind collections that beautifully blend culture, tradition, modern design, function and environmental consciousness. She knows her craft from A – Z; a true powerhouse of knowledge, awareness, positivity, humility, and tenacity. 

Handmade in Colombia

Marisol employs a majority of female makers, who work at the shop or from their homes. Though often being the first and last to leave her workshop, she believes in work-life balance for her employees. She encourages and equips her makers to work from home, to be available for family needs and care; mindfully cultivating to a holistic preservation of craft, community, culture and family-values. With The Maker World, Marisol looks forward to captivating a genuine interest in her craft, from conscious people of other cultures. She sees design and style as a natural opportunity to create cultural understanding and fair exchange. She is looking forward to being an integral part of a resurgence of deep appreciation and heartfelt respect for Master Craftsmanship and meticulously-crafted goods made by well-paid, well-treated, and talented makers.

Marisol Prada's creative, unique handbag accessories will add a pop of color and pizzazz to Eduard's classic handbags.

Apprenticeship Support (Investing in the Future)

Marisol recognizes the race against time to create interest in our youth for leather working and other handmade traditions. To apprentice others, one needs to make it viable, sustainable, and worth the time and effort for both the Master Craftsman / woman and the student. This can be a costly endeavor in time and money.

Marisol does envisions a future where she is able to apprentice more makers, particularly youth, to preserve her craft and pass on knowledge of her skill. With this in mind, she already cross-trains all her employees to fill any seat at the shop, even her admin workers learn some hand-making skill. She in fact, prefers to train students from scratch. a long-term proposition, but a worthwhile.

The Maker World is committing ten percent of the sales on our site, from Marisol's products to facilitate the apprenticing process, including tools, equipment and/or student incentives.  

Coming Soon

William Parra y Daniel Tunjano


Jewelers working hard to cheat the landfills!

The name, Chankuko, in some regions of Colombia, means to cheat. Daniel and William, founders of Chankuko, call themselves the “cheating jewelers” on the basis that their craftsmanship aims to cheat the landfills. They were in pursuit of upcycling materials like bottle-caps to create a jewelry collection and started taking note of the mounds of plastic seals left behind and unrecyclable. They began playing with the plastics; dying, reshaping, and fastening them to make unique pieces of jewelry that bring together the mastery of their hands, unique design, the quality of precious metals like silver, amazing color combinations, cultural inspirations that represent Colombia’s flora and fauna and of course, repurposed trash.

Daniel and William epitomize the future of industrious, creative and conscious youth, from humble means, hand-crafting eco-friendly jewelry to raise environmental awareness, create work and make an honest living. Chankuko’s founders want to make this craft their livelihood and grow the business to make it a sustainable living for themselves, their families, and give work to some of the most vulnerable of their society. For example, they currently pay destitute trash collectors from the street to collect bottle-caps and remove their seals to use in their creations. To advance their dream and create more jobs they require greater outreach to conscious buyers, that value handcrafts with a purpose.