Maker's Den Visit & Gift IOU Cards

How do we make Paced-E-Commerce tolerable?

Schedule a Real-Time Video Session with Your Product's Maker

You may virtually travel with us to the Maker's Den (via realtime video). Enjoy a birds-eye view to the maker-world. You will observe part of the process, the hard work that goes into the craftsmanship, the passion behind the hands of the maker laboring to create your beautiful product. An experience you will value forever and one that will remind you of your contribution to the sustainability of another human being. 

To schedule this session, please write us an email at

You may otherwise enjoy the featured maker information and images of their Maker Dens on The Makers and Sustainability Projects page.

Complimentary "IOU" Card

We are very grateful that you have chosen to give your loved one or your best client a valuable gift. We also, appreciate your support of a different kind of e-commerce and that you have chosen to honor an exceptional maker tradition.

We realize gifts are something we wish to be delivered in timely manner. We wish we could decrease our 30-day delivery for such occasions, but instead we offer you an alternative to "going empty-handed to the party" and a way to rally support for sustainable e-commerce.

A Complimentary IOU Gift Card

Please notify us by email if you'd like this card. We will mail the card to you within 24-hours of your purchase so that you may write your personal message and then present it to your loved one during their special occasion. It will be shipped to you first class mail, to arrive within 3-5 business days. The card will invite the gift recipient to schedule a video-session to observe their maker working at his/her craft.  You may choose from one of the two styles below. One is an all-occasion card and the other a holiday card. Each has a short message inviting the gift recipient to schedule a video-session with us to experience their Maker's Den and watch their gift, or one similar to it, being hand-crafted. The card also has plenty of room for you to add a hand-written message.

All-Occassion Card

Holiday Season Card

To set up a live video-feed experience with your maker or request an IOU card, please send us an email at
On behalf of our makers, we thank you for your support, contribution, and patience.
Thank you for spreading the word!