Why a beta launch

TheMakerWorld.com has been developing its current marketplace for over a year. We have been hard at work developing maker connections, product selections, and exclusive collections. We have also been marketing and networking our conscious e-commerce business through local interactions in our Austin Startup community and with friends and family on social media.

Many people have rallied to our support and compelled us to "open-the-doors" to our website, kinks and all. As such, we are launching with one maker's products: beautiful, functional, full-grain leather handbags and laptop sleeves. We have two other maker products in development and will be coming soon.

As such, we have launched in beta, to test our site and ask for your support in reporting any kinks or improvements we can make. We appreciate and are happy to hear from you, good or bad, before we officially launch.

Thank you for your patience and support as we create and develop a thriving conscious e-commerce business that aims to honor makers, pay them well, conserve and revive their craftsmanship, and most importantly, with your support and purchases, create sustainable solutions to poverty, income disparity, and artisan/maker communities.